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Vidaurre® is a way of life.
Your well-being is our purpose. Your beauty is our goal.

We believe that feeling the essence of life only happens when you tune with your innerself, with nature and the ever expanding universe.
Loving oneself and irradiating the power of your original source is the secret to living your full potential. We will take part in your journey. We will provide you the tools of achievement and fulfillment. You'll nurture your soul if you nurture your body. You'll change your perception if you sense a special fragrance, a particular plant, a specific colour. You'll love yourself if you see the beauty in you. We will help you feel beautiful, powerful and ressonant with your essence.

Maria Vidaurre, the brand creator, is a pharmacist with extensive knowledge in cosmetic formulation, plant biology and their pharmachological properties as well as an avid explorer of the holistic approach to a person's well-being: the body, mind and soul triad. She will create your products after understanding your compelling needs, for a better you, for a better world.



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